Memi the Rainbow…… Beautiful handmade creations

The Curious and Cute Stamp

Over the last few days, we were thinking how fun it would be to create our own business stamp for the Curious & Cute stationary – but how could we design something a bit different ?!
A boring, standard office stamp in our minds just wouldn’t cut the mustard as we were really searching for something more creative to reflect the nature of our business.

Luckily for us, we stumbled upon the beautiful ‘Memi The Rainbow blog’. – A blog set up by Patricia, an Italian student living in Paris.

Patricia has a real passion for crafting and finds much of her inspiration in the City of Lights (Paris).
Patricia’s blog showcases many of her beautiful handmade creations and her handmade stamps. Our unique stamp was reasonably priced and arrived quickly, beautifully packaged and with clear instructions on how to look after it.

Gracie mille Patricia for the beautiful stamp you created for us, we are delighted with the result!

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