New Electric car scheme for Paris…….

electric car logo paris

Back in 2007 I eagerly anticipated the launch of the bicycle sharing scheme in Paris allowing anyone to hire a bike, easily and cheaply!! A great idea that would be adopted by many other cities after its fantastic reception in Paris. – The bikes are called ‘Vélib’. Until recently i just accepted this name without questioning why Vélib? In fact the name is obvious when you think about it. It is a mix of the words ‘Vélo’ which is bicycle in French and the word ‘Liberté which is the the word for freedom in French. Join these up and voila you have Vélib.

Now what is next? Well they are now working on plans to introduce a fleet of electric cars in the city of lights. These cars will help remove air pollution and noise form the busy streets and will be great for those who would like to just rent a car for just for a few euros at a time.

Lets hope these environmental cars really take off in the city and like the vélib are then embraced by other urban areas throughout the world.

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